Teething Baby?

Your baby’s first tooth is an important milestone in their life! However, teething can be scary for parents, especially when they are not sure what to expect. 
Here are some great tips to prep you and your baby for the arrival of new teeth!
  • New teeth begin to arrive around 6 months old
  • New teeth can erupt one at a time or in pairs or sets
  • Symptoms of teething can vary from child to child
  • Irritability and crankiness often accompany teething 
  • Over the counter pain relief can help with the pain 
  • Numbing compounds are also available
  • Teething rings and soothers can help 
When the new tooth does arrive, you can use a clean wash cloth to cleanse your baby’s mouth. Toothpaste is not as essential in the early days of your newborns teeth. It is important to receive a guide from your dentist about your baby’s teeth. Contact us at Dr. Parekh & Associates for more information on teething babies. 
– Dr. Parekh & Associates Team 
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