Tooth Fairy Tricks!


The Tooth Fairy has become a childhood tradition to mark losing their baby teeth. Parents are always searching for fun and creative ways to use the Tooth Fairy story to celebrate these moments. You can benefit from more than a celebration by putting a spin on the story to help encourage your child’s dental habits.

The Tooth Fairy leaves more money for some teeth than others. Your story can hint that the Tooth Fairy leaves a bigger gift for healthy teeth that are brushed twice a day! Remember you’re setting the expectations regarding future tooth fairy visits.

• Start a Tooth Fairy Note Tradition 
Tooth Fairy ideas can use dental care education to establish good brushing habits. Reinforcing the importance of dental care routines by leaving notes written by the tooth fairy is a great way to remind kids to brush and floss.

• Last minute Tooth Fairy Visits
 Sometimes children lose teeth and are not even aware. In this case, the tooth fairy may not have cash on hand — especially when the tooth loss occurs right before bedtime — skip the cash maybe just healthy snack or another idea, like tickets to a movie!

• Tooth Fairy Ideas for Special Situations 
Occasionally accidents or injuries happen and result in the premature loss of a tooth. In other situations, baby teeth refuse to come out and need assistance by their dentist to wiggle them out. These special cases call for extra care and attention from parents. A special note of encouragement from the tooth fairy might help reassure your child and take away some of the fear of the procedure.

Remember to use the Tooth Fairy stories to your child’s oral health advantage! If you have any concerns about your child’s tooth loss, contact us at Dr. Parekh & Associates today!

– Dr. Azim Parekh, Dr. Parekh & Associates

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