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Are you a first-time parent and are unsure what age your child(ren) should see the dentist? What parents don’t realize is that oral health care starts as soon as your baby is born. After breast or bottle feeding you should take a clean and soft baby cloth gently massage and wipe your baby’s gums; wiping away any sugar from the milk. Canadian Dental Association recommends a trip to the dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts or by their first birthday. We offer patient education to new parents; brushing techniques and teeth friendly snacking options. It is important to know that children using sippy cups/ bottles for juice or milk should not use it for long period of time, unless its water. Liquids such as juice or milk contain sugars that will be in their mouth all day! This can lead to sugar bugs (cavities) which become difficult to resolve.

Signs & Symptoms of Cavities in Children

• Visible wholes or pits on your children’s teeth
• Dark in colour or discoloration of their teeth
• Sensitivity to sweets, cold/hot or chewing
• Complaining of pain in their mouth

If you do have cavity concerns for your child(ren), contact us and we can book an appointment today.

– Dr. Parekh

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