The Importance of Dental Check-Ups

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It is important to visit a dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups. However many people avoid or neglect their appointments due to busy schedules, general fear or forgetting the reasons it is important in the first place! At Dr. Parekh & Associates, we advise you to face your fears and schedule your regular dental check-ups every six months. It is essential that you go for these dental check-ups twice a year to prevent problems with your teeth and gums that can jeopardize your overall health.

Reasons Why Dental Check-Ups are Important

Detects oral cancer early – This has become a part of the procedure during routine check-ups. At Dr. Parekh and Associates we screen for oral cancer during your visit. Oral cancer is caught early through oral cancer screening which aids with prognosis.

Maintains a healthy mouth – Regular visits to dental clinics can keep your teeth, gums and oral cavity healthy. Dentists can detect problems early and prevent any serious oral problems. There are also areas of your mouth that you miss or can’t reach with your toothbrush. At Dr. Parekh and Associates, we will help you get the best clean for any tartar buildup or hard to reach spots.

Advice and care – At Dr. Parekh and Associates, we love to build relationships with our patients and learn what is important to them. We can provide them the best advice and teach our patients how to clean their teeth properly at home.

Dental Check-Ups are essential for many reasons. Your dental care is vital to your overall health. Contact us at Dr. Parekh and Associates – your family dentist in Alliston! We look forward to providing you and your family with experience and care!

– Dr. Parekh & Associates Team

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