The Truth Behind the Fruit

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Some people think fruit is a healthier alternative to eating sugary treats, like donuts or candy. If you think fruit is a healthier dessert for your oral health, you are correct! Do you know why?

Studies have shown that fructose (the sugar contained in fruits) does directly not cause tooth decay, if eaten in small quantities. However, we still need to be careful of any “fruit” branded products. For example, fruit juices, jellies, fruit bars and jams all contain added sugar, which can cause tooth decay! Fruit juice is especially harmful when consumed in quantities larger than one small cup. Children seem to be the first victims of this deceptive jargon!

The rule of thumb, if the fruit is fresh or frozen – eat moderately! In addition, make sure to maintain a balanced diet. If it’s processed or tastes like the collaborative work of a candy bar and sugarcane, the “fruit” part doesn’t count as a healthy alternative. All you’ll be counting are cavities!

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