Chew Gum for Healthy Teeth!

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The purpose of saliva in our mouths is to maintain a moist environment. The flow of saliva increases when we eat, which helps us to chew and swallow our food. Saliva also has a good benefit to our oral health. It releases a neutralizing acid to help lower the pH level of our mouth when eating foods. This helps to protect against cavities from developing. When we chew gum, it also helps to promote saliva in our mouths. The important part is to make sure the gum is sugarless. No need to add extra sugar into your mouth! Chewing gum can help limit the amount of acid that comes into contact with your teeth, as saliva is produced. As a result, this helps to protect you from tooth decay. Preventing tooth decay is not very difficult. For help with prevention and other dental health tips, contact us at Dr. Parekh and Associates today!
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