Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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Did you know that a crack in your tooth can be so small that even an x-ray can miss it? Although small, you can most certainly feel it! This may be a case of Cracked Tooth Syndrome. This happens when a crack in your tooth is very small (sometimes under the gum). Most often we see this happen on molars. It’s a difficult problem to diagnose due to it’s size. It can happen as a result of grinding or clenching your teeth, from your natural bite (the pressure can cause a tooth crack), if you have teeth with large fillings or have undergone a root canal treatment. To find out if you have a cracked tooth, your dentist will review your dental history, give you a complete oral examination and use radiographs. A fibre optic hand piece can also help assist in detecting the cracks. Treatment usually requires bonding, placing a crown or a root canal. In some severe cases it can require extraction. However, your dentist will help with the best treatment plan based upon the severity of the problem. For help with cracks in your teeth contact Dr. Parekh and Associates in Alliston today! 
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